Owner Engineering & Consulting​​

UMD Energy Solutions provides owner’s engineering services for Energy and Manufacturing projects. As your trusted partner, we will represent and support you to ensure the right resources and tools are in place during all aspects of a project.


Providing an end-to-end service, as the owner’s engineer we bring our experience to your project.

Benefits of Owner’s Engineering Services

Extensive expertise with professional project support and management.

Risk minimization of budget overruns, environmental issues, procedural claims, quality issues and non-deliveries.

Assurance that technical and contractual requirements are met.

Comprehensive consulting services in all project phases.

Complete project lifecycle strategy and planning.

Overall project cost control and control on investment.

Project Solutions

Measurement & Resource Management

The foundation of a robust business case relies on accurate understanding of cost, time and resources. At UMD, we use our core competencies in project management to input accurate preliminary estimates together.

Contracting Strategy

Every project is different and that’s why they demand a carefully thought-out contracting strategy to balance risk mitigation and optimizing financial gains. We do not stop there, we ensure the right language is present to ensure you get all data and information from the contractors in a format usable by your company.

Tender Support

From procurement of technology to Balance of Plant (BoP) procurement, we support clients with the tendering process and development of technical documents alongside legal advisors.

Risk Management

We deliver a comprehensive risk management plan and risk register, while analyzing project risk associated with schedule, cost and interface. This allows the project to be conducted adhering to good engineering practice and following the ALARP principles such that all residual risks are reduced as low as reasonably practicable.

CapEx & OpEx Modeling

Our insight into CapEx and OpEx modeling delivers accurate projections, considering contingency modeling and O&M strategy across the full life of the project and ensuring accurate delivery into the operational space within the asset.


Our capabilities include GVI and CVI underwater inspections using both divers and ROVs. We can do testing and inspection in an offshore environment. We have the experience and expertise required to provide a wide variety of services for both topside and subsea applications.

Project Scheduling

Support in developing, delivering and maintaining the project’s master schedule and the project execution plan ensures that your project remains on time and, subsequently, within budget. We have 4D and 5D tools that can help the multi-disciplinary teams virtually see the asset and the build based on the Primavera schedule inputs.