IT Consulting

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IT Project Management

We provide a local presence in the IT space with domain expertise. On a project our team can provide the IT strategy/plan, IT budgeting, business continuity planning to cloud and data migration services.

IT Infrastructure

We provide infrastructure consulting and management, both on new projects and existing operations systems. Our team can modernize legacy servers (mainframe), networks, and applications through AWS and Azure cloud platforms or a modern in-house solution. We can create a strategy and upgrade, migrate, and deploy business infrastructure from on-premise to the cloud.

Tools and Technology

About our Services

UMD Energy Solutions is a leading technology services and IT consulting company focused on building innovative solutions that address our client’s complex digital transformation and enterprise needs. We leverage over 50 years of experience in IT consulting, manage services, enterprise design, data, engineering, operations, and project management to help clients utilize the full potential of the technology that drives their organization. We are effective and efficient in implementing the best IT infrastructure and solution for our client’s daily operations while maintaining cost efficiencies.

With a strong background in innovation and technology services, we help companies leverage the potential of digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence, automation, and Cloud. We assist businesses across major industries, addressing complex problems with agile and evolving technology solutions, and by using industry-specific knowledge, our expert team tailors IT tools to meet the unique needs of each client. Allow UMD to build or manage your IT enterprise. Our services include:

IT Consulting

Digital Transformation

Infrastructure & Management

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